THE ROCKETS’ RED GLARE: THE WAR OF 1812 AND CONNECTICUT, Glenn Gordinier (primary author), with additional contributions from James Boylan, Meredith Mason Brown, Fred Calabretta, Frances M. Caulkins, James Tertius de Kay, Andrew German, Jerry Roberts, Nancy Steenburg, and Matt Warshauer
This new book published by the New London County Historical Society, will be celebrated at a reception and book-signing at the Shaw Mansion, 11 Blinman Street, New London, CT, Friday evening, 8 June, 4:30 to 6:30.
The book is accompaniment to the forthcoming exhibit: The Rocket’s Red Glare ~ Connecticut and the War of 1812, which will open the following month at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum. Both projects are the result of a partnership between Mystic Seaport, the Stonington Historical Society,
the New London County Historical Society, the New London Maritime Society, and the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, and have been supported by grants from the Connecticut Humanities Council and others.

Although the two projects are similar in name, they are not the same. The book attempts to provide a broader focus and to put what was happening in Connecticut within the larger framework of the war and international affairs. The exhibition is a bit more limited in scope, and shaped by the objects available to share these stories. Objects from each of the partners’ collections will be on display in the exhibition.

Though largely overlooked in the American narrative, the War of 1812 was a turning point for the nation, and for the state of Connecticut. The Rockets’ Red Glare: The War of 1812 and Connecticut, examines the many facets of America’s second major war, and its impact on destiny.

The war was not a distant event for the residents of Connecticut, especially those who lived along the coast. Enemy warships attacked shipping and communities up and down Long Island Sound, and the state’s military and civilians responded. The region saw aerial bombardment, kidnapping, torpedo warfare, espionage, and improvised explosive devices.

This book gathers a series of essays to provide international and national context to the issues and struggles in Connecticut. A series of
sidebar articles provide more local connections, and full-color images of objects from the exhibit illustrate the topic.

Price for the book is $18 and will be available for purchase at the launch celebration and book-signing, and can be purchased through the NLCHS website online shop once it is available.