2023 Annual Appeal

We continue to be grateful for your generosity as a partner as our non-profit organization strives to continue to provide research opportunities, education, and programs concerning the rich and diverse history of New London County to people of all ages across the globe. Since 1870, kindness from patrons like you has allowed us to fulfill this mission through youth-oriented programs, scholarship publications, exhibitions, lectures, and community service projects. While the pandemic has subsided, its effects linger on our ability to operate which is why we actively rely on your support.

Last summer, we maintained our partnership with the New London Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club to conduct our summer history program for local youth. Our theme was The Life of an 18th-century Child through Archaeology. Thanks to contributions like yours, for one month, forty students engaged in an archaeological dig in the garden of the Shaw Mansion uncovering objects, recording observations, preserving findings, and constructing a museum exhibit housed in the Shaw Mansion. Our project-based learning approach helped students gain insight into their history and the history of southeastern Connecticut in a way that cannot be achieved in a typical classroom setting through tangible evidence.

Aside from our summer program, the NLCHS continues to partner with other community organizations. We recently partnered with the Expressiones cultural center of New London to provide support for exhibit design and space for their artistic programs. Additionally, we have sustained our partnership with the Thames River Heritage Park by providing annual trainings for docents in preparation for the tourist season. We look forward to expanding upon these relationships and developing new ones in the coming year.

The preservation and renovation of the Shaw Mansion remains one of our top priorities. Although we actively seek funding from grant resources, without your contribution, we will not be able to reach our $30,000 goal needed to protect this historic landmark. Rotting joists under our porch, mold damage, foundational cracks, and a replacement door for our summer house are only a few examples of the extensive work that must be completed in a timely manner. Your gift can be used to match grant funding and resolve these pressing issues.

Thank you again for your time and support! You make our services possible. Please continue to visit our website, Instagram, and Facebook to learn about the events this year.

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