2019 Annual Appeal

Generous donors like you allow us to continue our mission of preserving and interpreting the past for our community in southeastern Connecticut.  Since 1870, we have been a resource for researchers and visitors locally, nationally, and internationally who call and visit us throughout the year. The support of our patrons enables us to create programs and events that enhance the rich cultural history of our county.  Moreover, our diverse collection is made accessible through the support and generosity of our patrons.

 Recently, we began a program which brings college, high school, and elementary school students together to learn the art of documentary film making.  Our program is designed to teach teamwork, technical skills (audio/visual video production), historical research and writing.  The end results are five minute documentaries that tell the story of our collections.  All of these videos are featured online, and made available to teachers for use in their class rooms.  The documentary program is in its infancy and needs the support of our members and community.  We hope to develop this program into a summer camp for the youth of our community. 

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