A Useful Friend:

A Companion to the Joshua Hempstead Diary 1711-1758

Written by Patricia Schaefer and published by the New London County Historical Society in 2008, this book is currently out-of-print because it is, in fact, so useful. Useful to understanding not only Joshua Hempstead and his time and place, and how to mine his journal for information, but also useful to understanding eighteenth-century New England and the colonial Atlantic World economy of which New London was a part. Available to you here is a flipbook version of the glossary of eighteenth-century terms used by Hempstead and commonly used at the time, but obscure today. The glossary is an education in itself. The entire book is available as a pdf document in the members’ only section of the website. So, become a member and ask for the password.

useful_friendClick for  Sample of the Useful Friend

The Joshua Hempstead Diary itself will be available in the member’s only section of the website once Schaefer has again gone through the entire manuscript to create a new authoritative transcription. [Hopefully by March 2015.]