The New London County Historical Society has a rich storehouse of resources available to you at our archive and research library in the Shaw Mansion, also available in the books we’ve published (and available for sale in the online shop), and some made available for you here.

The menu bar that you can see to the right can take you to our quarterly newsletters which are available as pdf documents, and also to a number of articles that we’ve written for other publications and post here as well.

The ONLINE Archives is an index to all of the content that has been uploaded to our website separated out by date of entry as well as category.

Online exhibits are online versions of actual exhibitions that have been mounted either here at the Shaw Mansion or in collaboration with other partners at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London. Both the State Street Exhibition and the War of 1812 in Connecticut exhibition received “Leadership in History Awards” from the American Association for State and Local History.

DiaryOne of the most amazing resources in our collection is the Joshua Hempstead Diary, a 700 page manuscript with entries made almost every day between 1711 and 1758. Hempstead was so involved in the life of the town that this journal — mostly of work — has been mined for information beginning with a history of New London published in 1850. We published the complete Diary the first time at the end of the nineteenth century and again at the end of the twentieth. The index of names alone, in the 1999 edition, is 70 pages long. Patricia Schaefer’s book, A Useful Friend, is a guidebook and subject index to the Hempstead diary. The glossary of 18th-century terms that Hempstead used is available as a flip-book for your use. The rest of the book is available as a searchable pdf document in the members’ only section of the website.

Schaefer is again going through the manuscript to make sure that all the transcriptions are accurate. Once that is complete, the new authoritative edition of the Hempstead Diary will also be available as a searchable pdf  in the members’ only content area of the website.